SoloLino is a series of solo performances. My aim was to restablish working as an individual after having worked in a group for 17 years.

Performance installation 1991 Theatermuseum Amsterdam
> A skirt as a door in the corridor 2 hours of putting photo's as a mosaic on the marble floor 2 hours of guarding the mosaics, if somebody stepped on it, I whistle and people restore it.


1992 Image and action combined with sung and spoken text.
In an empty bare space the performer takes the audience through a number of worlds that interconnect as in a collage. A collage that consists as well of actions with simple daily objects as a tuba, an ashtray, a vacuumcleaner , washbasin and a deskchair as of song and spoken text. Broadcasted on TV, artprogramme Prima Vista VPRO 31 of january 1993.

1995 Image and Action combined with movement
> The sequences in this performance are developed from movement as an image-language. >From rolling and falling thirty cups and saucers are manipulated in different patterns for 20 minutes. An eight meter long hose and tractor tires dictate the movement. The manipulations as such are boring but intriguing at the same time. This is caused by a strictly kept internal logic. The solo is accompanied by live music specially composed for these actions.

  1997 Image and action combined with an audiovisual installation
> Photo's of face, back of the head and feet of twentyfive people made into an object was the starting point of this solowork. The object was swapped with these people for a story about 'What is a human being'. With the photo's and stories an installation reading room is made . As an opening a live performance was given. In a contempary anatomical lesson demonstrate a human person, myself as the pilot model, with a surveillance camera on a doctors mirror my head. The performance was -live- shown on 4 large monitors in the gallery and become in the recorded form part of the installation.