Dogtroep 1975-1992 cofounder and member of the artistic board.
Dogtroep makes site specific work; it transforms objects/spaces as a form of theatre; giving new functions and meanings to situations the spectators are used to live in.

Melkweg Amsterdam 1981 (inside)
>Continuous performance in all spaces. Multimediacentre closed down for 14 day's to enable us to rebuild spaces to suit our aims


Prague 1991 (inside)
>Community centre with conference room , pub and hidden theatre room, where Havel and others had their play's performed during communist oppression. We left spaces in tact, gave new meaning to spaces and objects.


Amsterdam Balie1981 (outside)
> Deserted prison area in the centre of the city. Before it made place for a new square with shops and restaurants, we were invited to make a show specially for this location.


Berlin 1991
> On Hitlers bunker we created a show with the Russian group Licidei. We supplied the big building structures and the music, Licidei their elaborate performers. Together we developed the script.