Cinema direct lifts images out of a situation, gives them another meaning and puts them back in the system. . . .

University of Amsterdam 2002/2004
> A 15 inch flat screen is installed in the heart of the library, like a clockwork the four sequences will kill time for two years.



>For this version of Cinema Direct I made digital pictures of 150 intriquing booktitels in the three libraries of the University. For every sequence I selected two opposing titles. In between the stills of the titles (10 seconds) I make video fragmentswhich play with the meaning of these titles.

Sponsored by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


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Live versions of Cinema Direct:

>2000 Station Amsterdam Sloterdijk
Live wireless video images from a webcam on a persons body in the choreographies sponsored by no wires needed.

TaiChi clock choreography, live recorded and broadcast from the waist of one of the group members.


>My first set: a camera with the size of a matchbox screwed on a doctors mirror. Nowadays I work with several sets and sender equipment.


> webcam in beltbag, a shoulderbag with laptop and video sender 5 access points, 15 monitors distributed over shops, restaurants and ticketoffices.
Menno Grootveld is wearing the video beltbag.