>2004 Wilnis, a work in development. Research is undertaken to find out what kind of art is needed in this newly build suburb.


>A small suburb build in 1995 with 307 houses, 3 schools and a day nursery. March 2004 I start my observations of which I do account in my digital diary www.merrynomad.org (in dutch)

> In the first week of my observations, I am interviewed by the local newspaper. It is my intension to make myself as visible as possible to create the possibility for open discussion.



  < I visit the place during every hour of the day and night in blocks of 4 hours. The sunsets are spectacular with the lake of Vinkeveen at a short distance.
>At 3 o’clock at night it is quiet apart from the sound of little waterworks in people’s gardens. The whole environment is covered by a thin layer of dew. The sky is lit by the glasshouses some kilometers away.  


< In my observations I look for details with a story. These double plants like quards are found in almost every garden and windowsill. It is this detail I want to link my design to. My work of art should invite people to vividly pay attention and relate to a third player, in the public space.

>It is not an easy process in this well – to - do environment where every home is a castle but apparantly not much interest is taken in the public space other then sending a preceding artwork away (now at the neighbouring industrial area)  

  <The city council likes my observations but does not approve of my idea’s stemming from the concept of the third player. As possible third player I introduce the idea of 1. a fountain in this water that only starts to spray after somebody sits down on the bench looking out over the water.
>or 2. 307 allotmentgardens on this scrap piece of green in contrast to the private gardens hidden behind fences. For every household a square meter to plant some flowers, put down a bench or bury a dead pet.  
  < or 3. a ‘hermetic’ or ‘ambiguous’ house with 307 key’s, one for every house hold. This last concept appeals to me the most. In my neighbourhood we share a tenniscourt in this way. Everybody has a membershipscard with which the key of the court can be gathered at the local pub. It works splendidly. You leave the card in the pub so if the key is lost or something is broken it is clear who was the last to collect the key. Through email we keep in contact and make appointments with eachother. An ambiguous but beautifull house like this (in rural Drenthe) can get a wide variety of functions the inhabitants can decide about themselves.
> In the half year I work on this commission now many possibilities crossed my mind. No one matches the limitations set by the council and my own passion. I do not give up yet. This summer I give myself the chance to have an idea that strikes me, an idea that touches my soul ànd is low in maintenance/ vandalismproof at the same time.