Vathorst grows 2005

< The question of Variomundo was to make a new concept for the annual art manifestation the Kunstkavel that connects the local cultural initiatives and art in a new blend and organise a lasting result. We started off a conversation with all these local partners . No set idea's, just to see what points of attachment we could find..

> Step 1
getting to know the local initiatives and building the concept bottom up. Since january 2005 we have several talks with the special and active local initiatives. The inhabitants coop Vathorst, Viva Vathorst, de Chambers, the youth workers from Versa, , the Welcomegroup, the schools, de naturefarm, the handicapped.

Inhabitantscoop Vathorst comes to Amsterdam to brainstorm

Viva Vathorst, a barn party with home brewn beer


< The inhabitants coop Vathorst handed us the idea to give a media training to the inhabitants. They did reserve the domains and already some time ago. The TV domain is not working yet. “How to get people to make very short items, worth showing on the Internet ?' is their question to us. Vathorst grows runs on their server and the inhabitantscoop will take care of the site after we have left. Vi Va Vathorst is a group of people who seperated on good terms from the inhabitantscoop. Vivavathorst oragnises the social life in barnparty's everytime life music a theme and new locally brewn beer.

> The Welcome group are inhabitants of the village Hooglanderveen that unwantingly becomes part of the growing Vathorst. After a years lasting battle, they took a new stand. Every new inhabitant of Vathorst is welcomed with a rose and information by one of the villagers.  
Welcome group Hooglanderveen Menno makes appointments

Dura Vermeer puts the casco houses at our disposal.
  < The Chambers are lead by a vicar and an artist. The goal is to organize chamber/room meetings like a diningroom, a theaterroom, a filmroom, a theatreroom etc. They worked on different locations in all newly build area's around Amersfoort. In 2006 they get their own building in Vathorst.
> With all these initiatives we have held brainstormsessions to develop the concept step by step.  
The Chambers organize diners with a theme

< Step 2
We commissioned Michael Murtaugh to build the site for the interactieve documentary. As we happen to know his beautifull interactive documentary about Boston, he is the right person.

Step 3
Training of the young filmmakers, making the framework and rules for the game. Experimenting with and testing of the making of filmclips on location and loading them on the website.

Step 4
Organising the total programm and practical organisation. This is done by Menno Grootveld. Some artists from the area are asked to add to the programm. One of them is the Artlimo: three actors in a limousine take participants for a ride to make a roadmovie out of the windows. The roadmovies are seen in the Lino for other people during the kunstkavel.Volgens afspraak stelt Menno Grootveld het programma van dag tot dag samen. We invited two exsisting art collectives; Looking radio and the Filmclipcompany to work with schoolchildren in the kunstkavel.

Step 5
The Kunstkavel, a ten day long art manifestation in casco houses with a cafe, a restaurant, studio's, a filmediting room, and a cinema. And a programm full of activities.

All the plans we made with local initiatives are made real: bottom up designing the kunstkavel as a filmset/studio's where the people connected to Vathorst can make filmclips about their daily life or their fascinations:, make this visible for audience on the spot on a daily basis and for a larger audience on internet. But we are sorry to say that apart from the active people from the local cultural initiatives and the youth not many people from Vathorst came to the casco's. The website was very well visited from the houses, the young filmmakers made a lot of interesting clips with people they met in the streets.
The whole concept works very well but should not be attached to a real site and the duty to fill a programm as you would expect in a art manifestation. A small office with an internet connection and a mobile crew would do the job much better.