Exloo, 4 Glassvisuals and 5 lightboxes

>2003/2004 Exloo glassvisuals and lightboxes.
2e Exloërmond, council of Borger Odoorn province Drenthe. Public works department building

The glassvisuals, (photographic material fused in two panels of hardened glass)

> The yard in Exloo. The mirror is hanging under a wood - cut into bits -machine. Size glassvisual in meters: 1.5 m high, 1.5 m wide.


< The yard in Borger. Size in meters: 2 m high, 2 m wide.

> All the workers assembled for a group portrait at the garbagedump in Borger. Size in meters: 1.65 m high, 1.8 m wide.  
  < The firebrigade at 2e Exloërmond. As the photoshoot of a exercise took place in the dark we decided to use a sequence of Photos instead of one. Otherwise the window was mainly closed by the darkness of the night. Size in meters: 1.58 m high, 1.3 m wide.

The lightboxes:
Size of the lightboxes in meters: 0.40 m high, 1.40 m wide.



The canteen of the yard in Borger.

Panorama of the canteen of the yard in Borger. The four lightboxes are installed as well. Through the digital diary where I report of the progress, the province of Drente got enthusiastic about the process. It lets us know we could apply for extra money for an additional plan. Remco and I develop the idea to make panorama pictures of the workers in their canteens. The panorama cibachromes are set in lightboxes to illuminate the new canteen.

The canteen of the yard in Exloo.


The canteen of the firebrigade in 2e Exloërmond.


The canteen of the garbagedump in Borger.


The four men in there little cabin inspired us to this strip