Merkelbachschool Amsterdam 2005

foto: G. J. Van Rooij
the school aula is used as a handicraft space; good combination foto: G. J. Van Rooij

foto: G. J. Van Rooij
do the children know which drawing they made? foto: G. J. Van Rooij

foto: G. J. Van Rooij
the drawings of the 4 year old children are my favorites foto: G. J. Van Rooij

foto: G. J. Van Rooij
the library and the drawings of the oldest children match foto: G. J. Van Rooij


< All the children draw their own teacher from the front, the back and the side.
Of every child one drawing is sandblasted on glass panels. The 4 panels are 843 mm wide and 2705 mm high and count 50 drawings each.

< Motivation:
The sandblastedness gives the childrens drawings a new form of abstraction. The glasspanels can be seen from two sides: the schoolhall and the corridor through the social cultural department of the council. The glasspanels are very lively through the constant changes in the light on both sides of the glass. For the people connected to the school as well as for the outsiders there is a lot to see: How every child draws her/his teacher completely different, how the small children draw so different from the ones of the higher classes and how the teachers differ from one to the other anyway.

< Background:
This work is a way to initiate the new building aswell as that it delivers a timeless image that is interesting for generations to come. It is my challenge to help the children explore their own life (have a good look at their teacher )and make art out of that. The public process of producing the artwork is a ritual that helps the school transform from the old to the new situation. The oldest children leave their traces in the new building after they have left the school. As an artist it is my challenge to make an autonomous piece of art that stands alone in the mids of all the artworks of the children hanging on classwalls. To see their works in a new context can inspire the children again.

< Credits:
This artwork is made possible by the financial support of stadsdeel Zuideramstel and The Amsterdam Fund For The Arts.