It is often not realized that costs four or five years of preparation for a work of art to be completed. If the work is good - is in place - it has a natural presence that does not suggest that the process of design was complex.
There is a budget , a building that is yet to come but also many parties are involved , each with their wishes , desires and demands . The profession of artist out there is - like in a mathematical task - to understand all those wishes and let the solution reveal itself in the process of design.

The process of design includes discussions with all parties, preliminary designs and calculations . Look at other works of art . How is it resolved there? What results do different techniques deliver? I visited five different companies and as many techniques . Glass applique (pasted layers of thin coloured glass ) , glass visual (photographic process, transparent ciba chromes between glass slides ) , print on glass and stained glass foil.
The latter has become the technique used and the choice fell on Blomsma . Not just because the company is located in Zoetermeer but mainly because the company has an artistic streak . They can think along an artistic process.
The architects office is to happy with the result, so is the art committee. The true judgment is to the users of the building. A good piece of art always gets a nickname. I'm curious!