PAPA is an instrument for world mapping ... .......

> participating artists' press agency's street level observations inform specialist arenas as city development, politics and the news industry.

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> PAPA is an instrument for world mapping. In PAPA projects correspondents share commissions while everybody stays in his/her own country. In PAPA labs PAPA settles down as a temporary office in cities all over the world to do fieldwork with local photographers/researchers.


> It's time for Amsterdam
PAPA has set up projects in the past decade from world cities such as Dhaka, Lagos, São Paulo, Bishkek, Detroit and Ramallah, and in the Netherlands from The Hague and Rotterdam. see www.papaplatform.com Now the nomadic photo press agency is settling down in Amsterdam. All Amsterdam districts will be walked and photographed. The neighbourhood is a sea of news and stories. What's going on? Who live there? How do people survive? PAPA will discover and record this together with the residents and users of a neighbourhood. PAPA's Cultural Photo Archive of Amsterdam will be included in the collection of the IISH (International Institute of Social History) where it will be kept for "eternity".


> In 'PAPA in Palestine' you will get an inside look at the urban life of Ramallah from different perspectives. First two chapters: 'What you need to know before travelling to Ramallah', from the perspective of the outsider and from the perspective of the insider.

In the next chapter you can read about the 'Tactics of Life' and the ensuing patterns we found. Chapter four will take you on a journey through Ramallah in a series of photo stories by a variety of participants.

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> The book THE MAKING OF PAPA by Lino Hellings is published in September 2012.


The Making of PAPA is edited by Hans Aarsman, Lino Hellings and Nienke Terpsma, who also designed the book.

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Published by post editions, Rotterdam and Drik, Dhaka.

With the generous support of Hivos and MondriaanFund.


> The book PAPA Critical City Guide Dhaka is published in October 2014.

> Preview PAPA Critical City Guide of Dhaka

OXFAM/NOVIB invited PAPA to do a PAPA Lab in Dhaka with a mix of photographers from DRIK and officers working in OXFAM/NOVIB and the partner organization YPSA. PAPA's method of reading the street in shared photo-walks gives an insight in the Tactics of Life in Dhaka.
This led to PAPA Critical City Guide (CCG) of Dhaka.

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With the generous support of the MondriaanFund.

PAPA in Amsterdam East, expected 2023

PAPA in Amsterdam South 2021
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PAPA in Amsterdam Southeast 2020
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PAPA in Amsterdam West 2019
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PAPA project fifty villages Palestine October 2016
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PAPA Lab Dhaka September 2014
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PAPA Lab Ramallah Palestine 2014
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PAPA Lab Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 2011
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PAPA project FLYOVER PAPA 2010
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PAPA Lab Rotterdam The Netherlands 2010
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PAPA Lab Sao Paulo Brazil 2009
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PAPA Lab Lagos Nigeria 2009
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The Errorist, first exploration Dhaka Bangladesh 2008
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PAPA on Location 2008 #1 My house resides in my head
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